Kunichika, Toyohara, 1835-1900

N. Toyohara (originally Arakawa) Yasohachi. Go: Beio, Hoshunro, Ichiosai, Kachoro, Kunichika, Shima Sanjin, Sogenshi. Ukiyo-e printmaker. Born in Edo. Pupil first of Toyohara Chikanobu (whose name he took), then of Utagawa Kunisada (among the few of Kunisada’s pupils who did not use the name of Utagawa). Produced prints of actors, sets of views, historical subjects, journalistic illustrations in the late Kunisada tradition, which reflect the declining taste of the public and the worsening color printing. Particularly known for some late okubi-e. A minor artist, but represents the last of the great ukiyo-e tradition. Taken in whole, or in part from: Roberts, Laurance P. A Dictionary of Japanese Artists: Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Lacquer. Weatherhill, Inc: New York. 1986.


White Herons and Willow in the Rain White Herons and Willow in the Rain #WPOS04 Shoson, Ohara, 1877-1945 $300
The Moonrise over Waterfront Village The Moonrise over Waterfront Village #280035 Hiroaki, Shotei, 1871-1944 SOLD
Ohara Takejiro Takematsu Ohara Takejiro Takematsu #281155 Yoshitoshi, Taiso, 1839-1892 $500
La Mariee. Coree La Mariee. Coree #280444 Jacoulet, Paul, 1902-1960 $1,200