Nakayama, Tadashi, b. 1927

Born in Niigata prefecture. Studied oil painting at Tama College of Fine Arts. Began making moku-hanga in 1950s. Exhibited moku-hanga, metal plate prints, and lithographs in solo shows with Nihon Hanga Kyokai, Japan Art Society, Avant-Garde Art Association, and other organizations; international competitive and solo shows in Poland, U.S., Italy, and elsewhere. Member of Shudan Han. His early prints, often depicting cranes, were followed by rhythmically stylized horses, flowers, or young girls in decorative and curvilinear patterns with extensive printing in gold. Often signs prints with the date and T. Nakayama in bold, cursive Western script.** Taken in whole, or in part, with permission from: Merritt, Helen and Nanako Yamada. Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints: 1900-1975. University of Hawaii Press: Honolulu. 1992.


Nude Girl Nude Girl #271044 Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 $2,000
Bando Mitsugoro Bando Mitsugoro #260348 Shunsen, Natori, 1886-1960 $900
Bunraku Bunraku #220492 Saito, Kiyoshi, 1907-1997 SOLD
Ladybird and Leaf (15 states) Ladybird and Leaf (15 states) #15198299 Hamaguchi, Yozo, 1909-2000 $3,500