Digestive Attacks


Prior to 1/9. 2 episodes. Both at lunch. One at Fatso’s last stand (burger) 1/6 other at Mod Pizza or Epic burger. Both times laid down at office and rested. Eventually feeling passed

1/9. Superkhana. Felt uncomfortable during dinner. Left early went home. No vomiting

2/13: Ate lunch at Butcher and Burger. Started feeling bubble half way through lunch and took a gas-ex. In car on way home, coughed up clear in carry out box at least 3 times. Felt uncomfortable for over an hour. Had a bm. Threw up solid and felt immediately better.

(Have had cold or allergies and post nasal drip coughing and gagging)

2/14. Felt bubble on way home from work. Uncomfortable to sick at dinner. Ate avocado crab salad, followed by steak and non-melting Mexican cheese. Only at part. Thew up solid small amount in parking lot and many times at home. Had a bm or 2. Pain in chest/belly. Fell asleep for short amount and felt better immediately upon awaking. First time that it was 2 days in a row.

2/18. Ate Dutch garden (half) bacon (1.5 slices) unsweetened ice tea. Felt bubble. Took GasX. Threw up clear and a little food nose running. Start about 1:15. Thought I was Better: before 2:00, following a small, bit gassy bm, but pressure returned to chest and still uncomfortable at 2:40.

2/21. Went to steingolds. Arrived about 6:50. Felt fine on the way over. Ordered a Topo Chico, matzo ball soup and turkey pastrami salad. I think I may have felt the bubble start after a few sips of the Topo Chico, and definitely after a couple of spoonfuls of soup (I had Topo Chico and tacos the night before without incident. I ate half the sandwich. Threw up. But not feeling as bad as usual. Drove my son home and then back to my house with only minor discomfort. Had a couple of tums. Had a bm. My throat, belly chest etc. made gurgling sounds. By 8:15 I was fine

2/24. 11:15. Have only had coffee and cappuccino today. Feel a little pressure and not sue if it is hunger or pre-attack. Didn’t amount to anything

3/5: Lunch at earles. Fine going in. Had a few fries as an appetizer then bimbimbop. Didn’t eat much. Threw up most of it. Felt off for a couple of hours so left work. Fine by 5. Others who ate with me also felt sick/gassy. We all had different food.

3/7. Dinner at 6 at Happ Inn (lunch was over by 11:45, so quite hungry) 1/2 glass Malbec. Starch with mushrooms truffles mashed potatoes and had some (very little) of my moms sautéed spinach. Ate about 1/4 of potatoes, half the spinach and steak. Felt tight. Threw up a little, mostly spinach. Felt better-ish. Shared a key lime tart with my dad. Threw up in car (prepared with container) mostly mucous. Chest tight for most of ride but felt better by junction home by 8 and fine. Burping helped ease discomfort.

3/16. Dinner brought in from Frontier. Steak and green beans. Ate some. Felt pressure threw up and was fine. Finished dinner without incident.

3/11. Dinner at The Moonlighter. Felt fine going in. Hold half a bacon cheeseburger and less than 7 oz beer, when full feeling started, so I just stopped eating. At come I watched tv in bed for about 2 hours, with varying degrees of discomfort, most notably when on my side. Had a few rums. Nose started running heavily (allergy pill wore off?). Threw up in 2 small batches, and then perfectly fine. (Held off taking nighttime pills until I was sure episode was earlier.

4/1. Dinner at 7oclock was left over Pequods deep dish and a cider. Ate some, felt discomfort threw up. Nose runny. Stopped eating Some discomfort. Small bm. Felt upper chest pressure. House was cleaned today and smell was strong. Moderate discomfort. But immediately after rolling on to my right side around 9 I had to throw up again. A lot. Nose runny Again. Still in some discomfort. Around 10 rolled on my right side, threw up again and then was fine. And could be on my right side without issue.

4/8 (at about 5pm, are a slice of noodle kugel before sundown). Had some white wine before dinner, started with carry out matzo ball soup. 1.5 small balls. Threw up even before broth gone. (Also threw up matzo ball from Steingolds ) mostly clear. Stopped eating – Threw up again about 45mins later. Still mostly clear. Watched Tv in bed. Felt like traditional heartburn, so took an aciphex. Threw up two more times. Both times brownish and mostly liquify. Didn’t smell great, and I probably had greater volume because disgusting. After second bout completely fine. Didn’t remember end time.

4/13. Had zoodles shrimp scampi from Noodles & co for lunch. Did not eat breakfast. Had a few bites, felt something, so stopped eating. About 20 mins later threw up a little. Then was fine.

4-17 switched from generic Zyrtec to generic. Claritin

4/24. Had buttered toast for breakfast. Mid morning I had a mini breakfast pastry. At 2 o started on a bacon cheddar scone from Bittersweet. Felt tight midway through so stopped eating. Threw up around 3-3:15.

4/17. Has a bowl of white rice and seafood gumbo from Dirks purchased on 1/13 and refridgerated entire time. Immediately threw up. Very mucousy.

4/20 Had a half of corned beef and Swiss with 1000 island. Took one small bite and had to stop. Within an hour I started vomiting. At least 5 times. Upper chest and throat burned like reflux. Then more liquidy and brown while driving home (passenger). And finally one last heave of brown phlegm. And felt much better. About 6:30

4/22. Same story as 4/20 except roast beef and cheddar.

4/24: Forgot to write down what I ate for lunch, but I threw it up.

4/27 Switched to Benedryl

4/27: At lunch I had leftover chicken sausage pasta casserole, which did not affect me on Saturday when we ate it for dinner. Chipped by tooth on bread (turned out it was a repair that came off). Threw up all afternoon, in car, and once when I came hope.

4/28 Visited dentist. For lunch had a turkey burger. Felt “the feeling: Stopped eating and then I was all better. For dinner I had chicken. Felt “the feeling” Threw up twice. All better. This was the first time that it was 2 days in a row, and twice in one day

4/29 Telephone appointment with Dr. Linder

4/30 Lunch of chicken breast sandwich (I cooked the chicken) – threw up a few times. Was better by a late dinner.

5/1 Lunch from Fatso’s Last Stand, fried shrimp + milk shake – threw up a few times. Didn’t really eat dinner, but was fine by early evening. This was second time it was two days in a row.

5/4 Dinner was salad, duck breast and green beans. Was able to eat, but felt like the tightness was coming. I had a couple of good burps, which seemed to help. Threw up about an hour later, and then again after that. After second time, feeling completely gone.

5/5 Had two whole grain English muffins with cheddar cheese around 10:30. Have thrown up three times, all mostly liquid. After the third time I felt better; approximately 3:20

5/6-7 Two consecutive days without issues

5/8  Was eating lunch of pasta and chicken left over from 5/6, and fine until a took a sip of carbonated beverage (sparkling ice), and then the pressure in my chest started.  I don’t feel like I have to throw up yet, but I am very uncomfortable. Took an alka-seltzer heartburn + gas relief, and felt a little better.

5/18 10 days without incident!! Only real changes are benedryl instead of the other allergy meds and limited carbonation.

5/22 The streak ended at 14 days.  Ate two bialys with cream cheese for breakfast.  Came up about an hour later with lingering discomfort just below bra line.

6/1. Fried shrimp and milkshake for lunch. Stopped eating when pain/bubble occurred. Threw up several times, them fine by mid afternoon.

6/3 Had a cocktail, followed by a healthy dinner of grilled turkey breast and grilled veggies (corn, mushrooms and broccoli). Stopped eating when I felt pain/bubble. Threw up a lot that night. Thought I felt better so I had some saltines. Threw that up, too.