Temporary holding page for stuff pulled off web while at auction


Mt. Fuji from Kurasawa Hiroaki, Shotei, 1871-1945 Mt. Fuji from Kurasawa $300
Act VIII (Hachidanme) Hiroshige, Ando, 1797-1858 Act VIII (Hachidanme) $200
Outside a Cafe Koizumi, Kisio, 1893-1945 Outside a Cafe RESERVED
Field and Trees Koizumi, Kisio, 1893-1945 Field and Trees RESERVED
By the Little Gate, Korea Miller, Lilian May, 1895-1943 By the Little Gate, Korea RESERVED
Woman with Bidoro Mori, Yoshitoshi, 1898-1993 Woman with Bidoro RESERVED
Warriors in a Boat Mori, Yoshitoshi, 1898-1993 Warriors in a Boat RESERVED
Running Horses (B) Nakayama, Tadashi, 1927-2014 Running Horses (B) RESERVED
Neighing Swift Horse Nakayama, Tadashi, 1927-2014 Neighing Swift Horse RESERVED