Welcome to our Christmas in July Auction.  Traditionally, Floating World Gallery has an annual Holiday Exhibition and Sale on the FloatingWorld.com website, where we offer primarily prints priced for holiday giving (although purchasing for one’s own collection is also encouraged).  This year we are shaking things up a little, and offering 200 lots of Japanese prints on Saturday, July 28, through a no reserve timed auction on Invaluable.com.

Shipping Procedures

Shipping, insurance, packaging and handling of purchased lots is at the expense of the purchaser. As a service to the purchaser, Floating World Auctions will ship appropriate items to purchasers located in the continental United States solely via Federal Express Ground Service, and to international purchasers and those located in Alaska and Hawaii via Federal Express International Economy. Floating World Gallery is not obligated to ship by any other method, and purchaser may make other shipping arrangements. Floating World Auctions shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for the loss, theft or damage to property, including, but not limited to selection of shipper, the acts or omissions of any shipper or the acts or omissions occurring in packing for shipment. Shipment may take up to 21 days after payment is received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a Timed Auction differ from your typical Auction?
A: Here are the main differences:
1. The lots are offered without reserve. If there is at least one bid, the lot will sell.
2. The auction is only held on the Invaluable.com website; no other bidding platforms are available.
3. There is a computer, rather than a person, serving as the auctioneer.

Q: When is this auction?
A: The auction is open for bidding now.  The first lot closes at 10:00 am Chicago time on Saturday, July 28.

Q: How can I bid?
A: You can bid through our auction listing, either on   Invaluable.com, or through the Invaluable App.  You can bid live on July 28, or leave an absentee bid now.

Q: How will I know if I am outbid?
A: You will receive an email notice from Invaluable. Of course, you may not have time to react, so we recommend that if you do not plan to bid live, that you leave your maximum bid.

Q: Will my bid be exercised at the maximum amount?
A: No. Your bid will be exercised at the starting price, if there are no other bids, and at one bid higher than the highest bid at the time. If subsequent bids come in from other bidders, then your bid will be increased until your there are not higher bids or your maximum bid has been reached.

Q: How long will the auction last?
A: The first lot will close at 10:00 am. Subsequent lots will close every minute thereafter, subject to an extension if a bid is received within 5 minutes of the scheduled closing time.

Q: How does the extension work?
A. If a lot receives a bid within the last 5 minutes, the lot will remain open for an additional 5 minutes. If any further bidding occurs, the extension timer will reset to 5 minutes. If no further bidding activity occurs, the lot closes when the timer runs out.

Q: Why are there extensions?
A. It is designed to prevent bid sniping.

Q: Does this mean that the lots could conceivably close out of order?
A: Yes, a lot with an extension will close after the subsequent lot(s), assuming it/they did not have extensions.

Q: What do the dimensions on your listings mean?
A: Generally, we give the dimensions of the image only, exclusive of margins, and provide the height first, followed by the width. In the cases where the dimensions are for something else, this is described in the “Comments” section of the listing. Examples include multi-panel items, such as triptychs, or pieces without a defined plate line.

Q: How much will it cost to ship my purchases?
A: Our shipping procedures are discussed above in the “Shipping Procedures” section. The cost of shipping is a function of destination, and size and value of a shipment. If you would like to get a shipping estimate in advance, please contact us no later than 1:00 pm Chicago time on the day before the sale at auctions@floatingworld.com with the shipping destination, lot number or numbers, and a hypothetical insured value, and we will provide a courtesy estimate. Post sale determination of shipping costs does not constitute grounds for cancellation of any purchase made at auction.

Q: What is the Buyer’s Premium for this sale?
A: The Buyer’s Premium is 28%, with a 3% discount for payments by cash, check or money order.

Q: What is required to bid?
A: You must first set up an account with Invaluable, and then you must register for the sale. As part of the registration process, you will be required to accept our terms and conditions of sale, and submit credit card information.

Q: How can I submit my bids?
A: Click here and scroll down to Bidding to view Invaluable’s Bidding FAQs.

Q: Will my bid be exercised at the maximum amount if there are no other bidders?
A: No. If there are no other bidders, your bid will be exercised at the starting bid, as this is a no reserve auction.

Q: What if someone else leaves an absentee bid on the same item that I bid on?
A: If the amount of the bids are the same, than priority goes to the person whose bid comes in first. If the bid is lower than yours, then (assuming no other bidders) you will win the lot for 1 bid over the other bid.

Q: Can I change my absentee bid after I place it?
A: Yes. Please view the Invaluable Bidding FAQs.

Q: Can I leave or change an order bid once the auction starts?
A: We understand that you absentee bids on a particular lot can be accepted up until the time that lot comes up for sale. Even if you do not plan to leave absentee bids, we strongly urge you to complete your registration before the auction begins.

Q: Can I bid live ?
A: Yes, just make sure you are registered for the auction, and remember that a bid within 5 minutes of the scheduled closing will extend the bidding by 5 minutes.


After the Auction
Q: How do I know if I won the auction?
A: If you a bidding live, you will know immediately if you won the lot, as the site or app will tell you. If you left an absentee bid, you can log into your account, and check the status under Purchases. We will send out invoices as soon as we can.

Q: How can I get a lower buyer’s premium?
A: If you pay by credit card (directly or through the Invaluable Payment System) or through PayPal, your buyer’s premium is 28%.  If you pay by check or money order, then you can get a 3% discount on the premium, or 25%.  (Typically, our premium is 25% and we add a credit card surcharge.  We are testing out this method for the current sale.)And don’t worry – if you inadvertently send a check that includes without taking your discount, it will be refunded.

Q: How is shipping handled?
A: We plan to include a shipping charge on the initial invoices of most winning bidders residing in the continental United States. If shipping is not include on the invoice for our winning bidders residing outside the continental US, we will include that on updated invoice. We may also have to send a an updated invoice certain oversized packages. Please see the top of this page or our Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information.

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: In addition to the purchase price, buyer’s premium, credit card or wire fees and shipping, Illinois residents without a valid resale number must pay 10.25% sales tax (as do any other customers who pick up prints in person), and international bidders are responsible for all applicable customs, duties, taxes, etc., including any such items that are charged back to us.

Q: When can I expect to receive my purchases?
A: We will start shipping within a week of the auction, and may take up to 21 days after payment to ship. We try to ship packages in the order of payment.


More Questions?
We tried to cover everything, but if you still have questions, or suggestions for other topics to cover, please email us.
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