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Wildflowers and Full Moon Hodo, Nishimura, fl. 1930s Wildflowers and Full Moon $200
Daffodils and Preparatory Drawing Inagaki, Tomoo, 1902-1980 Daffodils and Preparatory Drawing $400
Chrysanthemums Inagaki, Tomoo, 1902-1980 Chrysanthemums $200
Camellia and Keyblock Outline Inagaki, Tomoo, 1902-1980 Camellia and Keyblock Outline $400
Cranes and Plum Blossoms Kotozuka, Eiichi, 1906-1979 Cranes and Plum Blossoms $100
Parrot and Quince Nisaburo, Ito, 1905-2001 Parrot and Quince $100
Blue Sky and Birds Sakamoto, Koichi, b. 1932 Blue Sky and Birds $150