Seitei, Watanabe, 1851-1918

  • Date : 20th century
  • Medium : woodblock
  • Item# : 133748
  • Condition : Paper residue at center of top margin
  • Dimensions : 13 3/8 x 3 inches
  • Comments : Published by Shima Art Co.
  • Provenance : Robert O. Muller Estate
  • SOLD

About The Artist

Seitei, Watanabe, 1851-1918

Born in Edo. Original name Yoshikawa Yoshimata; adopted into Watanabe family. Studied painting with Kikuchi Yosai. Traveled in U.S. and Europe. Received silver medal for painting at Paris exposition of 1878. Well-known illustrator and painter of birds and flowers. Major influence on Mizuno Toshikata and Kaburagi Kiyokata. Moku-hanga include Bird and Flower Picture Album (Kacho gafu), 1903, Wild Ducks, published by Nishinomiya, and a series of 22 bird and flower prints published by Okura i.....

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