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Kitadake and Manotake Yoshida, Hiroshi, 1876-1950 Kitadake and Manotake $2,000
Afternoon in a Pasture Yoshida, Hiroshi, 1876-1950 Afternoon in a Pasture $40,000
A Window in Fatehpur-Sikri Yoshida, Hiroshi, 1876-1950 A Window in Fatehpur-Sikri $2,400
Red Plum Blossoms Shinsui, Ito, 1898-1972 Red Plum Blossoms $2,400
Contemplating the Coming Spring Shinsui, Ito, 1898-1972 Contemplating the Coming Spring $6,000
Black Neck Band Shinsui, Ito, 1898-1972 Black Neck Band $3,000
Autumn Grasses, Flowers and Moon Koson, Ohara, 1877-1945 Autumn Grasses, Flowers and Moon SOLD
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