Jun’ichiro Sekino: A Closer Look


We are proud to present a selection of nearly 100 works by this modern master, most of which were acquired directly from the artist’s estate.  The group contains Sekino’s iconic designs such as Bungoro in the Dressing Room, 1947, Kichiemon Nakamura, 1947, and several prints from his own Tokaido Road series. What are even more notable are the exceedingly rare, and even unique, self-printed impressions and original sketches from his early period work, as well as scarce etchings and an oil painting of his wife, Katsuko. This exhibition provides an unprecedented opportunity to acquire museum-caliber artwork at attainable prices.

We invite you to have a glimpse into Sekino’s forgotten closest, closed off long ago, and only recently opened by the family.


Shells and Butterflies Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Shells and Butterflies $5,000
Wild Game (Blue) Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Wild Game (Blue) $4,000
Portrait of Kihei Sasajima Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Portrait of Kihei Sasajima $3,500
Two Sided Work: Noriko Awaya and Zen Rock Garden Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Two Sided Work: Noriko Awaya and Zen Rock Garden $2,500
Owl and Oak Leaves Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Owl and Oak Leaves $2,000
Guatemalan Shawl Sekino, Jun'ichiro, 1914-1988 Guatemalan Shawl $1,500