Printing Process – Tokushi Katsuhira

Follow the step by step printing printing process, including each color block and cumulative results, of this Tokushi Katsuhira (1904-1971) print.

The first block used is the one with the yellow ink:

The next block use applies the blue ink, which adds the background. Here is the blue block, and how it looks when printed over the yellow:

The third block used applies the orange ink, which is used primarily in the garment. Here is the orange block, and a cumulative view:

After the orange block, a block with red ink is applied, which adds stripes to the garment, as well as red to the flowers. Here is the red block and a cumulative view:

The last color block applied is green, which makes the bouquets appear. This will become more defined by the subsequentblock. Here is the green block and a cumulative view:

Unlike the traditional ukiyo-e printing technique, the black block is the final one to be printed. It defines

Finally, that artist’s name is added to the lower left corner, and the print is complete: