Lioness B

Yoshida, Toshi, 1911-1995

Lioness B
  • Artist : Yoshida, Toshi, 1911-1995
  • Date : 1987
  • Medium : woodblock
  • Item# : PH018707B
  • Condition : No condition problems to note
  • Dimensions : 7 1/2 x 10 3/8 inches
  • Comments : Dimensions shown are for entire sheet; this design is posthumously printed with a block signature; printer's stamp on reverse; although it is titled "Lions", the pencil signed versions we have had bear the title "Lioness A"
  • Provenance : Yoshida Family Collection
  • Price : $225

About The Artist

Yoshida, Toshi, 1911-1995

Born in Tokyo. Studied oil painting with his father Yoshida Hiroshi and block carving with Maeda Yujiro. Graduated in 1935 from school of Taiheiyogakai. Traveled widely in India, Europe, and U.S. Member of Nihon Hanga Kyokai from 1952 and Graphic Arts Club. Represented in international competitions in Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere. Carries on the Yoshida workshop and tradition. In the early Showa period he worked in a realistic manner. After World War II he turned .....

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