Sekino Exhibition – Roberta’s Picks

With each new exhibition and auction, I will try to give you an idea of some of my favorite things being offered, including why I like them.

These are my picks for our exhibition Jun’ichiro Sekino: A Closer Look:

basketballI am crazy about Sekino’s Basketball print. The only reason we are selling this copy is that Bill and I have another copy in our personal collection. It was hard to decide which one to select, and Bill persuaded me to keep the signed copy. This copy, however, may be a unique variant with two additional figures in the top left corner. You can find both versions illustrated at plates 45 and 46 in our catalog, Behind Paper Walls: Early Works and Portraits by Jun’ichiro Sekino.

SatomiI also really like the Tom Satomi Set, which includes a pencil sketch of Satomi, a pencil and watercolor study for the print, and an eight-piece process set, including the finished design. We made a special page to illustrate all of the components of this set.

mother If you have perused our Sekino catalog Behind Paper Walls, you will notice that there are many nudes from the Stein Collection. And if you peruse our exhibition, you will see that very few are included. I was torn about offering the Mother and Child drawing, because it fits in so nicely with our collection, but Bill persuaded me that we had enough woodblock prints, etchings, oil paintings and drawings of nudes, and that we could not keep everything.

bookFinally, I would like to recommend our self-published catalog, Behind Paper Walls: Early Works and Portraits by Jun’ichiro Sekino, which contains many of the prints in our personal collection, and many of the prints we are offering for sale in our current exhibition.