Unique Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

x-mas tree soba   snowy   ornament

Every year we put our ornament tree in the front display window of our gallery, and show off our miniature Hiroki prints in an alternate fashion. I haven’t been promoting the Hiroaki ornaments recently, because the frames we were using were discontinued. Good news! There is a simple frame at Michael’s that works with the prints, with a bit of trimming.  You can easily view our collection of miniature Hiroaki designs, by doing an artist’s search sorting by price from low to high.  If you want us to frame the print for you, selected designs can be purchased at our Etsy Shop. Now you can share your love for Japanese woodblock prints with your friends and family by displaying a genuine vintage print on your tree.

More good news! This year Crate and Barrel is offering large A-frame ornament tree, like the one we use, with a choice of gold, silver and red metal. The large A-frame tree will accommodate 6-8 frames, and will need a few small ornaments as fillers. Sadly, the smaller version of the A-frame tree does not work with Michael’s ornaments.