Holiday Coupon Codes

Limited time promo codes for holiday savings.

Also check our Flash Sale page for more substantial savings on selected prints.


Use promo code 15hiroaki at checkout, and receive 15% off our collection of $40 miniature Hiroaki prints.  Valid on new orders through December 12.  This code has expired, but enjoy a 10% discount on these prints through the end of 2017 with the code hiroaki10.

CLICK HERE to see how to use these prints to create unique ornaments for your Christmas tree.


Next up is a 15% discount on four prints from our collection of Raised Seal Editions by Toshi Yoshida, with the promo code 15rsty.  The prints included are Snow Country,  Hikone Castle in Spring, Tsubakurodake, Evening and Stone BridgeCode is valid through December 16.

The Toshi Yoshida Raised Seal Edition prints were produced during Toshi’s final illness, when he was too weak to sign his prints, and can be distinguished from the posthumous prints. They bear a printed signature with embossed seal next to the signature. During this period, however, he kept supervising all of the printing at his studio.

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